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Enterprise Spirit

Harmony:Taking collaboration andresponsibility together. It means coordination relationship and unimpeded political order; It means that’s a good way to communicate and guide with different opinions or cognition.

Thanksgiving:Be thankful – Be thankful to the society, the enterprise and customers; be thankful to colleagues and employees.

Efficient: Vigorous and resolute - The intensity and speed of our implementation should have a military style.

Innovation:Innovation: The process of discovering and digging –sublimation of inspiration established on the basis of bold assumptions, careful thinking, and systematic verification. It is a process of continuous improvement.


Enterprise Mission

To provide products and services that can bring long-term economic benefits for the customer, the enterprise itself and the society which we live in.

We seek for common growth and common wealth with our employees, partners and customers.

We provide employees with undertaking development space where they can realize their own value and give reasonable return for the hard work of employees.

We provide customers with excellent products relying on high-level quality and service, as well as reasonable price

We share profits and create multi-benefits with all communities of life based on Shineway undertaking platform

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