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Daily Fine Chemical Raw Materials
Specifications of Raw Materials
N-propanol, more than 99%, industrial grade
Acetic anhydride, more than 98%, industrial grade
Cyclohexane, more than 99.5%, industrial grade
Propylene glycol, more than 99%, pharmaceutical grade
Glycerin, more than 95%, industrial grade
Glacial acetic acid, more than 99.7%, industrial grade
Litsea cubeba oil

Rawmaterials of spices and essences
A. Natural flavor: Including various of essential oils, tinctures, and extractum.
B. Synthetic flavor: Including various of alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids, esters, lactones and heterocycle flavor.
C. All kinds of tobacco extracts and tobacco essence base.

2 ~ 30 liters of non-toxic plastic packing barrel/pot
200L galvanized iron barrel
Fragrance blotter and disposable plastic dropper

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