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Rosemary essential oil

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Rosemary essential oil is a colorless to light yellow volatile liquid. Rosemary is very beneficial to the respiratory system. It can be used for respiratory diseases such as colds and bronchitis. The most famous effect of rosemary is that it can improve memory, make people clear and organized, and is most suitable for test takers or people who overuse their brains.
It is also beneficial to the liver and gallbladder, detoxification and purification. People with weakened heart can also use rosemary. A low dose of 1~2% can lower blood pressure, and a high dose of 3% or more can increase blood pressure. In addition, it is also helpful for menstrual bleeding, diuresis, pain relief, and relieves rheumatic pain, gout, headaches and other problems.
The main stem of rosemary is about 1 meter high, the leaves are linear, about 1 cm long, shaped like curved pine needles, dark green, bright on the top, white on the bottom, and the leaf edge curls toward the back of the leaf; flower rosemary essential oil
Blue, grow in small clusters in the leaf axils, especially attract bees. The essential oil content is 0.3-2%, obtained by distillation, and the main component is 2-ethenol (C10H18O). Rosemary essential oil can effectively astringe, tighten weight loss, prevent wrinkles, and regulate the function of cortex. It is mainly used in weight loss, body shaping, breast enhancement, and body oil. It can improve language, vision and hearing barriers, enhance concentration, and treat Rheumatic pain, strengthen liver function, lower blood sugar, help the treatment of arteriosclerosis, help paralyzed limbs rejuvenate. It has a strong astringent effect, regulates greasy and unclean skin, promotes blood circulation, and stimulates hair regeneration. Make loose skin firmer after weight loss.

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