Research and Production

●We have richexperience in producing extracts with CO2 supercritical fluid extraction technology. The factory production workshop is designed in accordance with the requirements of GMP. The cleaning area reaches a 100,000 grade standard. The workshop is mainly equipped with a supercritical fluid extraction line and is matched with corresponding production facilities, so it can produce natural plant extracts with high standard requirements.

●Supercritical extraction technology integrates extraction, separation and concentration into a whole. The extraction time is short and the whole extraction and separation processes are carried through at the same time, which can ensure the biological activity of natural products and the best quality.

●Advantages of supercritical extraction technology:
    &  No solvent residue
    &  No heavy metals or pesticide residues
    &   CO2 autoclaved sterilization
    &  Low temperature extraction, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly

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